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to the Bagel Stop Cafe,

where our bagels are baked fresh daily.  We put more than 80 hours of care on every single bagel we bake. 
3,000 eggs are hand cracked weekly and more than 250 pounds of cream cheese is whipped to ensure a variety of quality gourmet cream cheeses. We purchase over 800 pounds of flour each week that turn to over 2000 fresh bagels." 


Holiday Hours

Easter                  Closed
Forth of July          Open till 5pm
Thanksgiving        Closed
Christmas Eve       7am-2pm
Christmas Day      Closed
New Year's Eve     7am-2pm
New Years Day     Open

We are all in this together!

"I love you. 

You’re probably thinking “but you don’t even know me”

But if people can hate for no reason,

I can love."

~Anonymous, 2020

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