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Get to know us!

Bagel Stop Cafe has been here for around 30 years. 

It's been in our hands since 2019. My family purchased it from my old boss.

Having the support of our regular customers over the past few years has been amazing! 

Thank you!

Those of you we don't know yet...

Please come enjoy a cup of Locally Roasted Whisky Barrel Espresso with our scratch made Bagels!

All of our bagels are mixed, boiled, and baked in house daily. Made with fresh ingredients and never any shelf life additives. We are proud to serve many coffee flavor options that are all natural and with out dyes.

Come sit in our hand painted dining room, or out on the lovely patio.

On the patio you can play lawn games and giant checkers!  There is a children's seating area and chalk to draw with!

We had the patio PET APROVED!

Inside you can find friendly service and free Wifi.

Right inside the door is the Online Order pick up shelf where you can find your order and skip the line!

On the bottom of the shelf are coloring pages, crayons, and beads for kids to play with while you visit with your lunch date!

Yes we have a drive thru but we are not a fast food chain. We make every sandwich, burrito, and menu item when it's ordered! Everything served here is made with love and from scratch!

Our only vibe is love. 

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